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SIA membership is open to all Stormwater Industry stakeholders. Stormwater Industry Association embraces a national entity and several state based associations (State SIAs).

The national entity is a non-profit public company that links the diverse multi-disciplinary interests of state based SIAs and Stormwater Industry stakeholders. The State SIAs are incorporated associations. These autonomous local associations are best placed to service members who have to cope with the social, environmental, climatic, topological, regulatory and other restraints presented by local conditions.

Membership of any State SIA enables the member to enjoy many of the benefits offered by other State SIAs.

The Stormwater Industry Associations of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia are autonomous entities that support common goals. Each of these SIA’s are regulated by the laws of the state in which they were incorporated. Stormwater Industry Association Ltd was established by the state SIAs and a protocol was adopted that enables all SIAs to interact constructively, adopt common membership categories and offer membership privileges to interstate colleagues.

The protocol promotes Individual, Corporate, Sustaining and Student memberships. The Sustaining category is best viewed as a federal category that is managed by SIA National on behalf of the state SIAs. The other categories are managed by the individual state SIAs.

Most members usually join the SIA of their resident state but the protocol enables membership of interstate SIAs. Membership may also be upgraded and transferred to an interstate SIA. If members join an interstate SIA, they need to be aware that they may not receive all notices about local events and will not be eligible to stand for the Committee of the SIA of their resident state – unless they also join their local SIA.

If you would like to join, please complete the attached application form.

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